29 Aug 2012

My GSXR 1000 K5

Just realised I haven’t actually posted up

29 Aug 2012

Just realised I haven’t actually posted up pictures of my new purchase this year!!
Here is my new GSXR 1000 K5, got her in March at a bargain price!

Since getting her I have fitted a Zero Gravity double bubble screen, miles better than the standard screen or the official Suzuki double bubble, but I still get some wind buffeting, I am tall though so tempted to get the Zero Gravity Touring screen…

Also fitted my Quill Tri Oval exhaust from my old K4 750, sound nice and racey again, but the Quill has seen better days so thinking over the winter sending it back to quill to get serviced, cut down and converted to a slip on.

Other mods include new KS Performance air filter, CRG Shorty Levers, PC3, SBS Sintered brake pads and recently fitted HEL carbon look braided line Front & Back

Plenty of other mods planned, swapping to R1 Calipers or maybe some monoblocs from the latest GSXR or Blade, Brembo RCS Master Cylinder, Adjustable Rearsets, maybe complete Bazzaz System too.

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